ode to joy - jun 6th, 2013

Are we losing our sense of bliss? It seems harder to find joy in this world anymore. We’re all so concerned with affirming our place in existence that we’ve let slip the sense of spontaneously reacting to life’s synchronicity and wonderment. We’ve become too overwhelmed, too collared, too fearful – always looking in the mirror, or over our shoulder – rarely letting any real pure thoughts engage or captivate us. Here we all are, crammed together, vainly trying to get a handle on and, ideally, control the explosion of social information and knowledge increasingly available to us. It’s a jet pack of dubious insight on a roller coaster ride with enough hairpin turns to keep heads spinning.
Remember when we were less aware and life at least seemed simpler? It was common to catch people taking initiative, doing something fun honest creative without regard for rules regulations repercussions.
How often now do you find someone getting off the proverbial ride, simply taking time to wander, unplugged, treating themselves to whatever life presents. You know you want to. Do it.
We need to get back to trusting our instincts, to re-learn how to savor moments.