• the jazz voice of Gregory Porter

    April 19, 2012

    I’ve been bingeing on “Be Good” – the new album by soul jazz vocalist/songwriter Gregory Porter, listening to it over and over. The man has a sublime voice, resonant and real. Big in stature, he uses his body as his instrument, raising his sonorous tones from deep within, rolling them around and letting them escape… [ read more ]

  • music and life: the kessel method

    April 13, 2012

    (This is an article I wrote for Jazz News 14 years ago, in April 1998. I’m bringing it back to remind us all of this man’s prodigious talent. We sure miss you Barney!) Barney Kessel turned 74 last October 17th. Since he started performing at the early age of 14, leaving school after the ninth… [ read more ]

  • passover

    April 6, 2012

    hello gesso moon glaring haughty glistening from your perch and path in the somber nighttime sky while we are down here crouching in shadows crazy and confused straddling cliffs of compromise working at living down bad memories we need someone just to be there someone we can count on to show up