what do you do? - oct 26th, 2012

What do you do when life looms large and leering before you?
When a seemingly insurmountable mass of tasks, tests, and responsibilities is poised to sweep down upon you and knock you clean off your feet? Clouds muster in the sky above. You feel like you’re balancing on this large log in an icy foggy foreboding lake, struggling to stay upright as it spins with each step, bobbing in the cold water. A couple of chattering crows are flying around your head, dive bombing as you try to swat the flapping wings away.
All of a sudden a shaft of sun momentarily sneaks thru the overcast, bright and warm, but then, just as suddenly, it is gone – leaving no trace.
Ah, remember those dull boringly empty days when life dragged by, filled with thoughtless routine, when there was nothing vital that had to be done . . . before the craziness and constant blather took over and became overwhelming. You yearn to get back to it, block everything out, slip back onto glorious autopilot.
Treading steady, but always teetering on the brink, your legs ache, your nose is running, and you wipe it with your damp sleeve. Your hands are cold and numb. You look up, but the sky is still socked in. Alone, lonely and hopeless, chill wind at your back. A sudden slip, but you catch yourself. Here’s the fact: you’re up against it, and there’s nothing you can do. It is what it is. Might as well just shut up and do the work.