consensus - oct 11th, 2012

Consensus used to be a lot more manageable. There were informational gatekeepers, institutions, structural pathways that channeled the flow of ideas and told us what to think.
But the world has zipped into a new era – the era of instant information. Ideas and opinions now ping-pong around the planet at 4G speeds heretofore unheard of. And most of us carry an instant pinpoint connection that allows us to become part of the tsunami of awareness. We can feel the yank on our tendrils.
Yes, the doors of access have been blown open. Everything is fodder for cameras. There are recorders almost everywhere, ubiquitous. And there is always the possibility that anyone anywhere could effect, possibly even direct the flow. The only thing certain is, if your goal is to control – you won’t. Bukowski’s famous recipe for success ” Don’t try” has taken on a whole new meaning .
So here we are, swirling and bobbing around in this strange ever-changing blob. Acting and reacting. Uneasy and a bit unsure who to believe, who to trust.
It’s a little like jazz. In order to do it right, you’ve got to be listening hard and living in the moment.