Let Me Be Your Lion - apr 19th, 2020

Hello from the throes of isolation and hibernation, where we’re all struggling to find creative ways to pass the time. I find it interesting to see where our subconscious gravitates in these times of terrifying uncertainty. My wife Nona, for instance, immersed herself (as she is wont) into her oil paints and brushes and began to fashion a compelling lion. She likes to paint animals, but I wondered — why a lion? Then it dawned on me: lions are symbols of strength and protection.
Wikipedia reminded me that “statues of guardian lions have traditionally stood in front of Chinese Imperial palaces, Imperial tombs, government offices, temples, and were believed to have powerful mythic protective benefits, representing a nurturing supremacy over the world.”
As her work developed, it took on an earnest, comforting quality, and began to inspire me to chime in and write and record a pop companion soundtrack in my bedroom studio. All of us are suddenly faced daily, hourly, with mortality, evoking strong instincts to protect, guard, and nurture those we love.
So here they both are for your inspection. Maybe they’ll take you away for a few comforting minutes also.