2 new poems - mar 4th, 2020

three big crows
three big crows were acting like jerks
noisily offering their raucous comments and complaints
from the branches of a tall Mexican fan palm
while I pruned and sculpted succulents
and pulled weeds below
in the warming morning sun
I hate when someone thinks you care
what their opinion is

life is changing
we all strive to shape our world
to accommodate our particular story
a remnant of the new millennium
when will we learn
that the only thing that gives meaning to life
is the fact that it ends

I like spending the first few rays of the day
out in the yard
when the droplets of night mist
are still visible on the leaves
I love taking this time
to connect with the planet
to get myself situated for the day ahead

finally I’d had enough
and I scared them off
waving my arms and yelling
and they flew away

sun sun sun
I saw the sun arrive today
poke his golden eye over the horizon
then reach a tie dyed arm around night’s waist
and haul himself into the sky
I love that guy
always on the clock
relentlessly possessed
a daily demonstration showing us laggards
how it’s done
how you do the work
how there is no free will
there are no choices really
just keep moving
keep keep moving