the connectivity revolution - may 12th, 2013

the world has blown wide open
all of us are now interconnected
tethered together like never before
for better or worse

when something happens
anywhere in the world
we feel the tug
if we want – we can be a part of it
instantaneously – as it is unfolding
we can tune in to messages from those who are there
and even dialog with them as they experience it
in the moment

or, if we choose
we can leave it be
and just contend with the ripples
(there are always ripples)

the challenge of life in the 21st century
is to remain aware
and ride the wave of insight

knowledge and perspective
allow us to maneuver successfully
thru the currents of constant change

those who refuse to embrace reality
who prefer to pretend instead
that none of this is happening
are fated to fade away
left behind

one thing is certain:
this ever-increasing connectivity dictates that
each of us carefully consider
the cost of our actions

anyone who doesn’t must be neutralized

ignorance is no longer an excuse