a blue cloudless sky - jan 21st, 2013

Today there is a bright blue cloudless dome capping the city. It feels unseasonably warm and pleasant for a winter January day. I search the softly still sky for any lessons it might want to send my way, but it simply stares back at me in azure indifference. So I sit silent in solitude on the front steps , letting the sun’s heat penetrate my body, imagining it soaking down into the inner reaches of my soul, to the center of my being — the one bright spot I foster, focus, and cling to — that which is mine alone, what makes me who I am. I didn’t ask to be born, to take this journey, to grapple and struggle with what it takes to stay alive. But damn, days like today make me want to take a deep toke of the atmosphere the earth is putting out there right now, and resolve to do the best I can.