liquid gold - sep 26th, 2011

Wonder if any of you have been checking out the news reports about the latest tussle over water allocation and rates in California? All the big player water districts – North, the huge farming Central Valley, South, and of course the monstrous LA basin – are all jockeying for position to insure access to what has become the crucial element to existence in our desert state. Those in the know have been telling us for years that fresh water will one day prove to be more valuable than even gold. And still most people, blissfully ignorant, let it run down the drain, wasting it like it has little significance or value.
For a real eye-opening look at water wars on an international level, check out the 2009 documentary “Blue Gold” (streaming on Netflix). It details the involvement of the World Trade Organization and some major corporations with the control and privatization of water rights.
Since the history of mankind evolved from the deserts of the Middle East, fresh water has always been treated as a treasured substance; communities molded their lives around it. It stands to reason then, that the annals of literature and song are replete with symbolic references. Water connotes rebirth, renewal, cleansing, sustenance . . . life itself.
I was amazed at how many of my recordings on this site make reference to the symbolism of water.
One of my favorites is the evocative “Corrine”, with its message of hope. When the affairs of life are unsettled and in turmoil, faith in ourselves and in the transcendence of time will wash things clean.
I think Mary and I captured it in the 2 minutes and 40 seconds of this 1971 recording – give it a listen => CORRINE