Home - apr 21st, 2021

Welcome to my digital home. It’s kind of a time capsule of what I’ve been up to since the 1960’s. Music influenced projects, recordings, vintage photos, and brief stories of fruitful associations I’ve had along the way. I’m always on the hunt for creative interaction .
Almost all of my 150+ recordings are here in various places, all free to stream or cache (if you prefer). From folk to rock to beatnik jazz and modern pop – lots of fun collaborations with some amazing improvisers. It’s not all music though. You’ll run across renderings of poems written by 19th century wordsmith Gerard Manley Hopkins, and modern masters like Pablo Neruda, Charles Bukowski, and Bob Dylan, along with many of my own.
There are lots of cool touches placed here by my friend and web guru Joshua Sibelman. (I love the tag sorter on the “songs” page).
I hope you find something that resonates with you.
Thanks for dropping by.