I love the earth - apr 22nd, 2017

I love the earth. Give me a big hug, you gorgeous hunk of matter. I love your mountains stretching up to scrape the clouds, and your surreal deserts simmering on tectonic plates of sand. I love your ample oceans caressing countless shores in constant give-and-take to make sure everything throbs and breathes. I love your washing rains that clean away the film. I even love your wind which whips, whirls, and stirs your skies in sweet release of energy. I love the vista views of the solar system that you intoxicate us with each night. I love your rumble when you clear your throat, the way you bloom your trees. And I admire the billions of lives you subsidize – the shit that you put up with. The silent unassuming way you scrape away again, and again, and again . . . and again.
Whatever this is, this crazy spinning roller coaster ride through space and time, I’m holding on tight, so glad to be a part of it – honored to be alive.

Earth Day 2017