• the yearn - 2015

    almost every day another barrier gets stripped away fresh pathways open beckoning promising we chase them following wide-eyed hopelessly lonely yearning for connection songs: It’s an asshole world Blood Living the life Touchstones Hiding in plain sight Wasting time Peace Still shaking my head Sorrow comes Mister blue Unplug . . . . . .… [ read more ]

  • Down 2 Bone - 2009

    to call the times in which we now live strange is an understatement change is always with us but massive changes are taking place we are caught up in & being swept along by currents over which we have little control the old structures – economic & social – are dying out slipping away fading… [ read more ]

  • 44 Minutes Of Love - 2005

    Even though love & passion are primal, essential forces in each of our lives, it is very difficult to treat them in a musical way that does not appear trite or cloying.  Fueled by the appreciation I have for having my wife, Nona Leigh, in my life, I spent many months in research – reading… [ read more ]

  • Swallow Life - 1999

    As I dug deeper into the beat idiom, spurred on by the “Beat Culture & The New America” traveling exhibit created by New York’s Whitney Museum in 1996, I discovered a whole new level of Bohemianism. The West Coast’s Wallace Berman,  Jay DeFeo,  Gary Snyder, Charles Bukowski,  & especially San Francisco street poet  Bob Kaufman… [ read more ]

  • Beat.itude – the holy barbarians - 1995

    I had been working with an improvising bongo player, Patrick Armenta, & flute virtuoso Arthur Fisher for a couple of years, experimenting with ways to capture the space & energy of our live performances on tape. We even tried recording in an old church up by UCSD. Finally we happened upon Steve Wetherbee‘s Golden Track… [ read more ]

  • Life Is A Stream - 1971

    We ran across Irving Azoff.  Just out of college at the University of Illinois, he had his fingers in everything entertainment in Illinois at the time. He managed REO Speedwagon, & would go on in later years to become a mega-manager for acts such as the Eagles & Steely Dan. He was friends with an… [ read more ]

  • Peoria Folk Anthology (Volume 3) - 1970

    Since Mary & I were on the road so much performing, we had to close the Webster’s Last Word coffee house. As our favorites the Firesign Theatre so aptly put it, “How can you be in two places at once when you’re not anywhere at all?” But we still wanted to hold on to the… [ read more ]

  • Next Of Kin - 1969

    Recorded live the weekend of December 5 & 6, 1969 at Jerry Milam‘s Golden Voice Sound Studio in South Pekin, Illinois. Mary & I played guitar & sang, but this time we incorporated a rhythm section. A few months earlier, I facilitated & produced a recording @ Golden Voice for a Notre Dame band called… [ read more ]

  • the Chuck and Mary Perrin album: Brother and Sister - 1968

    Mary & I had made our trip to Nashville to record a couple of songs @ the RCA Studios. We’d also recorded some acetate demos when the Shaggs recorded in Elkhart, Indiana. But we finally decided to take the proverbial bull by its horns & record & release an album on our own. This wasn’t… [ read more ]