Down 2 Bone

to call the times in which we now live strange is an understatement
change is always with us
but massive changes are taking place
we are caught up in & being swept along by currents
over which we have little control
the old structures – economic & social – are dying out
slipping away
fading from view
replaced by new ones that we must adjust to
some of us are hopeful
some of us are overwhelmed & lost in desperation
all of us are uncomfortable
pulling back into ourselves like poked sea anemones
retreating to the essence
to what we sense in our hearts & minds is right & real
losing the fat
getting down to bone

that’s just what I am trying to do with this music
rip away preconceived notions
& scrape it down to its marrow
words & rhythm
kick, snare, & syllables
hanging time on a line
then wrapping it in sounds of right now
modern & unique

all that is important is to feel life as it happens
show it
own it
knowing only one thing for certain
there’s no going back

—- chuck perrin   april 2009


This album features the arrangements, production, musicianship, & rhythmic excellence of talented drummer Cliff Almond
recorded at Benthic Studios, San Diego, CA
saxophone solo on track #10 & harmonica solo on track #11 performed by Tripp Sprague
background vocals on tracks #1, 3, 4 & 5 by Amber & Heather Whitlock