Peoria Folk Anthology (Volume 3)

Since Mary & I were on the road so much performing, we had to close the Webster’s Last Word coffee house. As our favorites the Firesign Theatre so aptly put it, “How can you be in two places at once when you’re not anywhere at all?” But we still wanted to hold on to the sense of community Webster’s had fostered, especially among the local performers. So some of us hit upon the idea of recording a project together. The other performers involved were Bruce Brown, Dan Young, Jennie Pearl, & Lou Jendras, all from Peoria. We had a ball planning & recording what turned out to be the “Peoria Folk Anthology volume 3.”

The afternoon we went down to Peoria’s south side to take the cover photograph, we enticed some neighborhood kids who were hanging around to join us. Someone must have called the cops, because they drove up to check things out just as the photo was snapped. You can spot the squad car’s reflection in the storefront window.
Jim Larson took that classic shot.

We gave away a lot of albums & 45’s at a special Memorial Day concert in Peoria’s Glen Oaks park that we helped organize. The performance showcased the wealth of talent in the central Illinois folk community. Aside from the fact that it drizzled off & on, & Dan Fogelberg had his banjo stolen, it was a remarkable day of music.

Track Listing

1 Pedalling
2 Slow Fade Dan Young
3 Maybe In Another Year Jennie Pearl
4 Artificial Heart Transplant Blues Lou Jendras
5 Trolly Car Song Bruce Brown
6 Help Us Jesus! Chuck & Mary Perrin
7 I Didn’t Realize That I Couldn’t Harmonize With You
Lou Jendras
8 Life Is A Stream Dan Young
9 Sittin On The Curb Bruce Brown
10 Bye-Gones Jennie Pearl
11 Saturday Mornings Chuck & Mary Perrin
12 Climax