the Chuck and Mary Perrin album: Brother and Sister

Mary & I had made our trip to Nashville to record a couple of songs @ the RCA Studios. We’d also recorded some acetate demos when the Shaggs recorded in Elkhart, Indiana. But we finally decided to take the proverbial bull by its horns & record & release an album on our own. This wasn’t as commonplace a task as it is today. Pressing plants were not set up to deal with small companies & small runs. On Saturday December 14, 1968 we spent about 6 hours at Jerry Milam‘s Golden Voice Sound Studio – a cement block structure located in the middle of a corn field in South Pekin, Illinois – recording our first album, live & direct to tape. Jerry was a well-respected audio expert, & had connections with various pressing facilities. We enlisted the help of a young musician friend from Websters, Chris White, who played bass & occasional guitar. We taught Chris the bass parts & then just recorded each song in a take or two. I designed the foldout album cover & sent it down to RCA’s plant in So. Illinois to be pressed. Front & inside photos were taken one perfect cloudy day in Detweiler Park, Peoria Illinois by Gene Conley. Bill Banks took the effervescent back photo.

Only 500 copies were pressed.