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  • UNDER GLASS - 2006


    oh sad & lonely world full of frazzled frightened souls scurrying around like pinballs running up ramps bouncing off bumpers frantically trying to score points & light up some momentary flash that only glows for an instant then is gone when flippers flapping furiously their ball finally falls down the drain only the high score… [ read more ]

  • Beat.itude Revisited - 2006


    On September 29, 2006 – a dozen years after recording a series of songs I had composed based loosely on the themes & writings of the beat & jazz poets of the 1950’s – I thought it would be interesting, as well as fun, to gather some of the musicians involved in those recording sessions… [ read more ]

  • for HOLLIS GENTRY - 2006


    troubled soul even thomusic chose himpulled him out of the massive pack& set up permanent residence in his lankhow it dominatedexploding with an intensitycould only be forged by pressurebeautiful passionate wildroller coaster rides of notespoured thru himas if effortlessly& drenched our astonished earsyet he would not find contentmentin the altitudes of spontaneous expressionas if he… [ read more ]