For Hollis Gentry

troubled soul even tho
music chose him
pulled him out of the massive pack
& set up permanent residence in his lank
how it dominated
exploding with an intensity
could only be forged by pressure
beautiful passionate wild
roller coaster rides of notes
poured thru him
as if effortlessly
& drenched our astonished ears
yet he would not find contentment
in the altitudes of spontaneous expression
as if he knew he must always
refuse to release the edge
keep it cloudy
but oh! sometimes
the sun would break thru
& he would erupt
with a self-possessed clarity
a purposefulness
a pure peaceful musicality
to tell a tale
must make even grown men cry

then I could look in his eyes
& see he was free
& now he is
& we are the losers
no more trips to the outer limits
no more firework displays
bitter tears
but at least
he is finally
f r e e