words & thoughts of henry david thoreau
arranged by chuck perrin

we live thick
blue devils & blue angels
always in each others way
we meet & greet &
give each other new tastes
of that same old musty cheese
that we are
I can’t take it anymore

I want
s o l i t u d e
I love to be alone
like when the snow falls fast
& closes all the roads
& the wind howls in the wood

just let me have a draught
of undiluted morning air
at the first fountainhead of every day
let me sit alone
rapt in revery
in undisturbed silence
& I will remember
past the ennui & the blues
that I’ve never found
a better friend
s o l i t u d e

I need some
s o l i t u d e

a little world
all to myself