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  • Highways In The Sky - 1973


  • Some People Know How To Live - 1973


    Since I was hanging around Quadrafonic Studios doing odd jobs, David Briggs let me set up my own session (6/12/73) & hire the rhythm section he generally used: Reggie Young on guitar, Mike Leech bass, Kenny Malone drums, & David himself playing the keys.  It was a fun, loose experience – as you can hear… [ read more ]

  • Nashville - 1973


    In 1973 we headed South: Mary moved to Atlanta, & I received an invitation from famed Tennessee theatre director Paul Crabtree, who was overseeing the production of live performance shows for Opryland, to come to Nashville to help create a folk music show. It was an enticing opportunity to once again immerse myself in folk… [ read more ]