Beat.itude packaging unfolds - 2004

The packaging for the 1995 Beat.itude CD was developed & created by Don Hollis & his staff @ Hollis Brand Culture – an all paper cover made from recycled French durotone 145# packing carton, featuring liner notes & lyrics printed on a fold out poster – as well as a prototype CD made to look like an old vinyl record by the precise printing of clear coat grooves on a dusty black background. This was the first time this had ever been attempted & the “vinyl look” concept has since been copied ubiquitously by just about every replication company. However, no one has done it as well. Hollis included a real paper label as well as a paper sleeve, making a limited edition package still prized by collectors.
The evocative cover & poster photographs are the work of Marc Tule.

I met Dennis Covey, a photographer/visual artist who was having success creating digital visual tours of fashion and merchandise.  He liked my music and we talked about creating a short video to show off the unique packaging.  He came up with the creative concept: the package appearing out of a swirl of smoke and unfolding right before your eyes in space.