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  • Too Dark For Day - 1966


    Here’s an original song that Geoff & I collaborated on – recorded that same day – one & only take!

  • Farmer John - 1966


    the Shaggs live in a little acetate studio in Oceola, Indiana on a Saturday in April of 1966 performing the famous Premier’s song like we did it @ the frat parties – “an orgy of sound by a pack of animals”

  • 60’s garage rock bands – the Shaggs/the Shags - 1964


    When I graduated from high school in 1964, I returned home to Pekin, Illinois to work for a year in order to save up $$ to attend the University of  Notre Dame, but I used to go back up to ND a couple of times a month on weekends to hang out. On one my… [ read more ]