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  • nonchalance - 2013


    Mother Nature can take your breath away, resplendently stunning in her intricate symmetry and beauty. Ah, but she is a compulsive bitch, always shaping – floods, tornadoes, quakes, hurricanes. Make it brittle dry, then drench and saturate so the land splits and shifts, while her winds wild in flights of merciless rampage. She will not… [ read more ]

  • alive - 2013


    I am alive. I am screaming in streets of sound, balling my fists, pumping my arms – pushing shoving agitating – participating. Stirring it up, I am a spoon scraping the sides, rasping relentless, testing limits, pounding on walls until they rumble and shake. I will not stop. I did not ask for it, but… [ read more ]

  • teetering on the brink - 2013


    Woke up at midnight drenched in sweat. The lone drone of a flabbergasted ceiling fan whipping sweltering air was the only sound disturbing the dark’s stillness. I tried to remember what I had just been dreaming about, but I couldn’t pull it back. It scampered and hid deep in the caves of my subconscious somewhere.… [ read more ]