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  • don’t look back - 2014


    Today, (holy shit!) I found myself looking back – to 15 years ago this month. We were all dreading the onslaught of the 21st century, a few short months away. Little did we know what lay in store! Don’t Look Back (1999) four feet to the left of my body sits my gray gandhi he… [ read more ]

  • Live in the desert @ Jacumba - 1999


    My friend filmmaker Rob Amato came up with this idea to try to film a live performance of a song out in the middle of nowhere.  I was game & pulled in my audio specialist buddy Peter Carpentier to see if he thought such a thing was possible.There were a couple of obvious challenges.   The… [ read more ]

  • Swallow Life - 1999


    For the live video, we took Larry Mitchell’s original rhythm bed for the initial demo recording & played it on a Mac laptop – then projected the Itunes screen saver over the performance.  Chancey & untried, but it seemed to work & under-scored the urgency of the music. That’s Steve Feierabend on the tenor &… [ read more ]