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  • TOO DARK FOR DAY - 1967


    (written with geoff gillette) all my aprils have changed to mays reds & yellows are blues & greys y e a h wild tomorrows are just todays just todays i’d better go i’d better hurry can’t see too well my eyes getting blurry too dark for day all my sunshine has turned to rain past… [ read more ]

  • Webster’s Last Word / Pekin - 1966


    Part of the problem with being a performer is finding a sympathetic atmosphere in which to present your music; some place that allows the nuances & visual aspects of performance to develop & flourish. You can only get so far entertaining at benefits, rotary club meetings, & high school assemblies. So I hit upon the… [ read more ]

  • Too Dark For Day - 1966


    Here’s an original song that Geoff & I collaborated on – recorded that same day – one & only take!