Time Fades Away (9 Theory remix)

the morning mist kissed the window pane
as I woke up in your arms again
prepared to face another day
my spirit had been renewed
cause every night I spend with you
makes me feel more alive
and time fades away

side by side as the sun comes up
watching steam rise from our coffee cups
we welcome another day
talking bout the day ahead
oh but I didn’t hear a thing you said
I was enraptured by your voice
and time fades away

and when we go our separate ways
we still connect and resonate
across the crazy madness of each day
cause in the furnace of our hearts
we are haunted by the spark
down where all our fires start
time fades away

I’ve waited years to feel a love like this
it’s real life poetry

when the midnight hour comes
and all our daily cares are numb
our bodies flowing into
o n e
and time fades away