Early Years - 1963

As a junior in high school @ Holy Cross Seminary, on the campus of the University of Notre Dame, I formed & started performing with my first folk groups: The Newports & The Brandywine Trio. I was heavily into Peter, Paul & Mary, The Kingston Trio, as well as researching Alan Lomax’s collections of American Folk Music & icons such as Pete Seeger & Woody Guthrie. At the same time I was beginning to write my own songs. Being on campus allowed me to spend some evenings hanging with & learning from the Notre Dame students who were into folk music. The Four Winds used to rehearse in O’Shaughnessy or the basement of Washington Hall. I would attend their rehearsals & watch them arrange material. I was blown away by their creative use of four-part harmony. Another big influence was Don Connors, a guitarist/songwriter who lived in Keenan/Stanford. He introduced me to guitar inversions & many great songs.

Here’s a sample song list from a typical Newports’ performance:

This Little Light Of Mine
500 Miles
Bad Man’s Blunder
Just The Facts, Ma’am
Don’t Think Twice
Tom Dooley
Tijuana Jail
Sinner Man
This Land Is Your Land
Four Strong Winds
Lonesome Town
Scotch & Soda
Daddy Roll ‘Em
Where Have All The Flowers Gone
Greenback Dollar
Man Of Constant Sorrow
San Francisco Bay Blues
Duberry Done Gone
The Seine
Whiskey In The Jar