this eternal now

this e t e r n i t y

it’s always going on

& we

(beams of energy)

are always here

with it

in it

of it



as a tingling gust of fresh air

or a cloud rippling across the sky

or for a time

as an industrious spider

learning discipline

building web after web

or a plant

struggling to bloom

adapting to it’s

place in nature


for this time

as a human being

trying to come to grips

with what

the addition of a mind

m e a n s

in the grand scheme of things

the ability to truly

u n d e r s t a n d

this living & endless

p r e s e n t

so alive

so intense

that maybe

we occupy ourselves with

the mundane

just so we don’t have to deal

with the immensity


r e a l i t y


brief relief

b u t

that doesn’t change it

( take a d e e p b r e a t h )

that doesn’t change it