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  • Babe Can You See (Jesus Revolution movie mix) - 2023


    One of my earliest recordings, Babe Can You See, found its way to a creatively copacetic spot in the recent Jesus Revolution movie – a period piece based on the spiritual hippie movement of the early 1970’s. The movie features a cool sepia tone look that captures the visual vibe of that era. The song… [ read more ]

  • vinyl reissue after 47 years - 2015


    I bought this guitar new in 1968, with the intention to use it to make my first record, a folk album with my sister Mary. This was way before DIY became fashionable and feasible for anybody. We recorded very simply, live single takes. And the basic gatefold packaging we designed turned out exceptionally rich and… [ read more ]

  • NEW Chuck & Mary box set - 2013


    Korean reissue specialist Beatball Records is preparing to release the most comprehensive collection of Chuck and Mary Perrin’s original folk music yet assembled. The 7 CD box set contains remastered paper package replica versions of their long-sought after Webster’s Last Word LP’s: “Brother & Sister” (1968), “Next of Kin” (1969), and “Life Is A Stream”… [ read more ]