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  • Babe Can You See (Jesus Revolution movie mix) - 2023


    One of my earliest recordings, Babe Can You See, found its way to a creatively copacetic spot in the recent Jesus Revolution movie – a period piece based on the spiritual hippie movement of the early 1970’s. The movie features a cool sepia tone look that captures the visual vibe of that era. The song… [ read more ]

  • My letter - 2020


    A collaboration in times of covid quarantine between songwriter Chuck Perrin, artist Nona Perrin, photographer Michael James Rocha, and videographer Aja Perrin.

  • Let me be your lion - 2020


    Hello from the throes of isolation and hibernation, where we’re all struggling to find creative ways to pass the time. I find it interesting to see where our subconscious gravitates in these times of terrifying uncertainty. My wife Nona, for instance, immersed herself (as she is wont) into her oil paints and brushes and began… [ read more ]