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  • NEW Chuck & Mary box set - 2013


    Korean reissue specialist Beatball Records is preparing to release the most comprehensive collection of Chuck and Mary Perrin’s original folk music yet assembled. The 7 CD box set contains remastered paper package replica versions of their long-sought after Webster’s Last Word LP’s: “Brother & Sister” (1968), “Next of Kin” (1969), and “Life Is A Stream”… [ read more ]

  • Peace - 2012


    It is with delight and amazement that I look back at the changes that came our way last year. It just keeps getting easier to find and access or obtain whatever we want, whenever we want it. More of the old primitive tools and structures have slipped into history, as human ingenuity continues to bring… [ read more ]

  • the sonic squeeze - 2011


    I remember, as a boy, sitting spellbound listening to the sonorous tones of masterful Welsh actor Richard Burton reading. Somehow he was always able to tap the innate tempo of whatever he was interpreting, and make every nuance, every meaning clear, and the words themselves appear as almost new. I’ve carried this early inspiration throughout… [ read more ]