Still Shaking My Head

so are we really in this space again
where we pretend that we are somehow friends
and you regale me with your useless crap
you run thru head trips like an acrobat

you are a piece of work there is no doubt
it doesn’t take too long to suss you out
just like a robot wearing human clothes
you walk among us thinking no one knows

but I see right thru you just like cellophane
right thru the plastic pretend world you made
where everything is based on what you need
they got a word for that – we call it greed

it smells like sabotage when you’re around
each conversation is a battleground
what does it take for me to shut you up?
looks like the simple truth is not enough

I put the whole thing behind me – but I’m still shaking my head

I know you laugh at me behind my back
your sense of fairness is so out of whack
and then you ask me if I’ll help you out
yeah . . . right

keep all your problems with reality
as far away as you can get from me
I think I’ve had it with your precious games
they always end up with the same refrain

one of these days you’re gonna see the light
your ignorance will have its own web site
I’d hate to be you when it hits the fan
I’d rather sojourn in Tajikistan

some day you’ll realize just what you’re doing
and find out that it’s you, not me, you’re screwing
I hope for your sake that you make it quick
must be exhausting to be such a dick

I put the whole thing behind me – but I’m still shaking my head