Out Of The Cool

I woke up with a rorschach headache
rem remnants cloud my eyes
I don’t feel like getting out of bed today
I’m sick of pretending
another day crawls in on skinned knees
one more chance to drop
out of the cool

day old coffee jolts my system
prescriptions numb my brain
time bites my tortured fingertips
hoarse hours screaming
my body may be obligated
but my soul has snuck
out of the cool

in the cool
completely insulated
from worry or concern
everything you want you can get
in the cool
in the cool
it’s so uneventful
nothing’s left to chance
everything is under control
in the cool

the moon paints a searchlight canvas
with star spangled cosmic dust
while I drift in cold dark waters
afraid of my freedom
but loneliness rolls me like the tide
in one last restless surge
out of the cool