It Ain’t Over Yet (for Jack Kerouac)

remember how it used to be
power in our prime
we thought we were invincible
we were not bound by time
110 mph
we drove like maniacs
burning down the highway
never looking back
mad to live & mad to talk
full speed without regret
we got to get it all
cause it ain’t over yet

birdland to san fran
san fran to birdland
swinging with the beat
across the groaning continent
exploding down life’s street
denver to frisco
frisco to mexico
digging every scene
thru the neon wilderness
drug with asphalt dreams
we got to go & never stop
from sunset to sunset
livin every minute
cause it ain’t over yet

october 21st,  1969
it was the diz’s birthday
an irony sublime
you gave us one last lesson
in spontaneity
livin hard & dyin young
blowing cool & free
they said “this is how the ride ends”
but I wouldn’t take that bet
cause you may be gone, jack
but the ride ain’t over yet