All Hallows, Jack O’Lantern Weather, North Of Time

written by Bob Kaufman
(The Ancient Rain: Poems 1956-1978 p.48)

a place called loneliness a soft town in the october country an unimaginary landscape that exists in a real unreal world arterial lava streets clicking a sound of loudly walked bruises thick string unbeings pouring themselves into each other filling themselves with each other’s emptiness shouting silences across the screaming rooms visually broken unrecords stitching illusionary hums as the great marble feathered stone birds crack the solid air flying from the drum of rock eternal stone poem of the sun I know of a place inbetween between behind behind, in front of front below below above above inside inside outside outside close to close far from far much farther than far much closer than close another side of another side it lies out on the far side of music, that darkling plane of light on the other side of time and it goes on going on beyond beyond it begins at the bitter ends I know starness I know lostness move out moonlight