The Planet Reels

a quiet summer afternoon

lying on the grass on my stomach

arms outstretched, head down

ear to the earth

hugging my planet

I sense it reeling

I feel a long slow shudder

a  rumble

& wonder what it could be

is it the trudging feet

of tens of thousands of homeless refugees

carrying bundles of everything they own ?

or  is  it

bomb blasts, landmines, mortar, gunshots exploding

one somewhere

every single second

in endless, senseless, synchronized brutality ?

or could it be

millions of anguished, simultaneous sobs

from those in pain, tortured or persecuted,

or robbed of someone they loved ?

all needlessly

the sun is benignly warm on my skin

yet I know that somewhere

connected on the crust of this measurable orb

those same rays beat mercilessly down

on mothers holding their starving children

skin caked with the salt of dried tears & sweat

money, territory, power

how much does one need ?

the planet reels

human beings are suffering

how long can we go on pretending

that there is anything

more important than this ?