walkin the sun-bleached streets of this city

just walkin & watchin

seekin the cause

seekin any cause

but not findin much

vacant stares

a bitter competitive taste

& the over-powerin stench of

m t ness

you’d think a walk would help you escape

the isolation

it only makes it worse

all of us

hidin in our own mental caves

claimin to be part of somethin

cause we chew the same useless cud

that means absolutely nothin

& has no substance

but is oh so nicely

prepared & packaged

where is the force ?

the passion ?

the commitment ?

is anything goin on ?

what are we doin here ?

oh right, that’s what we don’t want to

have to think about

real existence

so we stuff down that prepackaged

reality that the media serves us

in an ever-expandin array of ways

so here we all are

passin time

but goin nowhere


only thing is

this is our time

& we’re pissin it away

fat faded fools

bangin on the piano of death